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A Reflection on Religion and Cultural Diversity

Religion has recently been at the center of public debates in the United States to a greater extent than it has been for much of recent history, however dialogue in the main stream media rarely touches on issues below the surface of the controversy. I met with leaders from several religious and inter-faith organizations to learn from them and to share their reflections with you.

Thank you very much to Hiro Sakurai (SGI-USA), Stein Villumstad (Religions for Peace), Ibrahim Ramey (Muslim American Society), Judith Hertz (Union for Reform Judaism) and Sister Joan Kirby (Temple of Understanding).

Social Media and the Changing Face of Journalism: International Perspectives

This is a short documentary I produced with two classmates, Alejandra Otero and Mohita Satara. We interviewed four journalists from around the world to learn about their thoughts regarding the effect of new social media platforms on journalism and society.

Special thanks to Jaisal Noor, Ibeyise Pacheco, Gary Younge and Alfonso Armada